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Roswell Short Sale Specialist in North AtlantaRoswell short sale specialist in North Atlanta, Steven Betolatti, helps you avoid foreclosure and educates his clients through the process of short sales and avoiding foreclosures.  As a Certified Distressed property expert in North Atlanta, Steven Betolatti keeps you well informed regarding the short sale process and timelines in order for you to avoid foreclosure in North Atlanta.  This Roswell short sale specialist can help you avoid foreclosure by being well trained and organized regarding the distressed property market that we are now living in.

Short sales in AtlantaEach state has different guidelines and procedures so it is important that the Realtor is familiar with all in order to best avoid foreclosure in North Atlanta.In most home purchases and sales, a bank qualifies the buyer.  However in a short sale, the longer process involves the bank or lending institution qualifying the seller.  The seller must meet several requirements in order to be a candidate for a short sale.  For example, there must be a hardship which may include:

  • Loss of employment
  • Loss of income
  • Divorce
  • Death
  • There are others as well.  The bank will determine the validity.

In order to avoid foreclosure in North Atlanta, it will be imperative that your Realtor is knowledgable and ready to work for you.  It is not a simple process as much paperwork is needed and one must become “transparent” as all the seller’s private information such as bank statements, financial expenditures, personal issues and conflicts, all must be disclosed.  A seller must be willing to provide their Realtor with all this information in order to proceed with the qualification process.  A bank  does not even begin to process paperwork if a file is incomplete.

As your Roswell short sale specialist, Steven will assist you in gathering all pertinent information needed in order to approach the bank and guide you to make sure that if you are a viable short sale candidate and can, in fact, avoid foreclosure and not be disqualified for lack of documentation.

If you are looking to start investing in real estate, this Roswell short sale specialist can help you as buying distressed homes is no simple task.  However, with his extensive training and experience, this Roswell short sale specialist can expedite the process and help you achieve your goal to get to the closing table. Call 678-666-5101.

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