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With over 25 years experience in engineering, construction, energy improvements and home inspections, Pinpoint has the experience and professionalism clients seek.






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Quality Assurance Home Inspections



Harrell Home Inspections

Harrell Home InspectionsRussell Harrell – HARRELL HOME INSPECTIONS

Mr. Harrell has performed more than 6000 home inspections since 1992 in the Atlanta area.  He is a full member of the American Society of Home Inspectors, (A.S.H.I.), and is fully code certified as an I.C.C. Residential Combination Inspector.  (Formerly known as C.A.B.O. certified).  Prior to practicing Home Inspection, Mr. Harrell obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the Georgia Tech College of Architecture.  Mr. Harrell is also the founder and owner of Harrell Home Inspection, Inc.

Russell Harrell
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