Who Pays When I Buy A Home?

Who Pays When I Buy A Home?

Keep in mind that there are many agents that will charge the buyer if the commission does not satisfy the “minimum” that they are wanting or are satisfied with so that would be the first question I would ask.  We feel that we will be rewarded by the repeat business and referrals from the many satisfied clients that we gain so we do not adopt that thought process.  We are grateful in that we enjoy our career and thank God each day for the clients we meet so we never once see this as a hassle or as a burden.  So, to answer the question, the seller will pay the commission.  Here are a couple important questions for you to ask immediately when first seeing or inquiring about a home:

Atlanta Real Estate1. Who are you representing?

2. Who will pay your commission and is there a minimum commission that must be met in order for the seller to pay it?

3. If I am not satisfied with your services will I be able to cancel my agreement with you easily and with no cost or restrictions?

4. If I want to put an offer on a home you have listed how will that work?

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